fine art photography by Bas Hoeben  

About the artist

  Bas Hoeben was born in Amsterdam in 1956, studied physics and mathematics at the University of Utrecht and at present teaches physics in a small Dutch town close to the German border. As a photographer he is self-taught, deriving his meticulous technique from books by Ansel Adams. Aesthetically he was influenced by among others Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Piet Zwart and Albert Renger-Patzsch. He started serious photography about twenty years ago after seeing the prints of Edward Weston, Paul Strand et al. in an exhibit of American photography and buying an antiquated medium format camera that has remained his frequent companion until this day. His subjects include landscapes, trees and especially close-ups, which allow him to concentrate on pure form, to the brink of total abstraction. Visualizing the world around him into graphically powerful black and white images has become second nature to him. Many of his images were made within cycling distance of his home, situated between the great Dutch rivers Waal and Lower Rhine. His prints are sold regularly through this website and have found their way to many private collections especially in the US.


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